Forthcoming CompNet Events

1st FINPRO - Finance and Productivity Conference

The Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Finance department at the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH), invite submission for the 1st FINPRO Conference on the intersection of two significant research fields: productivity and finance. In line with the mission of CompNet to act as a hub to connect researchers and (micro) data providers from both the realm of policy making and academia, we seek to attract papers of the highest academic quality that include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  •  Productivity measurement at the micro level
  • Micro productivity and aggregate real activity
  • Credit constraints and investment
  • Inefficient lending
  • Funding innovation and entrepreneurs
  • Financial repression, factor accumulation, and reallocation
  • Macroprudential and monetary policy effects on productivity
  • Transmission and interaction of financial and factor market policies
  • Feedback loops between financial and non-financial agents
  • FinTech and Venture Capital

The FINPRO conference will take place at the EBRD, London on December 2nd and 3rd, 2019. Attendance is free and open to everyone who has preregistered.

Please email Lucie Newman ( to register your attendance.

The program of the first Finance and Productivity (FINPRO) conference can be found here.




Conference on Sustainability and Competitiveness

The Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet) and the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) are jointly inviting papers addressing one or more of the topics mentioned below from either micro and macro level perspectives.

We are particularly interested in academic work with strong policy relevance on the following topics:

  • Competitiveness policies in small open economies
  • Structural transformation and distributional consequences
  • Industrial policies facing inequality and political populism
  • Transition to low-carbon economies from firm-level perspective
  • The interaction between monetary and competitiveness policies
  • Factor reallocation and growth
  • Sustainable development and middle-income trap
  • New drivers of firm performance

The Conference will take place at NBS, Bratislava on 23-24 April 2020.

The deadline for submission is 15 January  2020.

Papers should be emailed to

Further information for submitting a paper can be found on this link.



Past Events

Since its inception, CompNet has hosted and organized several events, conferences and workshops that have seen the participation of prominent scholars and policy-makers.


First CompNet Data User Conference

France Stratègie, October 8 - 9 2019, Paris, France

Please find details at the following link: 1st CompNet Data User Conference


Joint CompNet - EIB - IMF - ENRI - IWH Conference : From Micro to Macro: Market Power, Firms' Heterogeneity and Investment

EIB, March 18 - 19 2019, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Please find details at the following link: 8th CompNet Annual Conference.


CompNet-EBRD Workshop - Localisation and Productivity

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, October 8-9 2018, London, United Kingdom

Please find details at the following link: CompNet-EBRD Workshop.


7th CompNet Annual Conference - Economic Growth, Trade and Productivity Dispersion

Leopoldina, June 21-22 2018, Halle (Saale), Germany

Please find details at the following link: 7th CompNet Annual Conference.


Workshop on 6th CompNet data vintage

European Central Bank (Main Building), April 26 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

Please find the Summary at the following link: Summary.


Second Workshop - Empirical research on productivity and innovation

ABDI, January 11-12 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Link to previous events: Previous Events.