Other CompNet related research

Other CompNet related research

This section collects all the publications from members of CompNet network and data users in addition to our "IWH-CompNet Discussion Papers" series. It covers a variety of works on Productivity, Competitiveness, Factor allocation, Trade and is intended to support and value research and policy work. 

  • EIB Group Survey on Investment and Investment Finance: A technical note on data quality
    Brutscher, Philipp-Bastian; Coali, Andrea; Delanote, Julie; Harasztosi, Peter (2020). European Investment Bank EIB Working Papers, No. 2020/08  –  Show/Hide Abstract

  • What drives export market shares? It depends! An empirical analysis using Bayesian model averaging
    Konstantins Benkovskis, Benjamin Bluhm, Elena Bobeica, Chiara Osbat, Stefan Zeugner, Empirical Economics (2020) 59: p.817–869 –  Show/Hide Abstract

  • Productivity dispersion and sectoral labour shares in Europe
    Martina Lawless, Luke Rehill, ESRI Working Paper No.659, May 2020 –  Show/Hide Abstract

  • Rising Concentration and Wage Inequality
    Guido Matias Cortes, Jeanne Tschopp, Working Paper Series, January 2020 –  Show/Hide Abstract

  • Trade, Productivity and (Mis)allocation
    Antoine Berthou, John Jong-Hyun Chung, Kalina Manova, Charlotte Sandoz Dit Bragard, CEP Discussion Paper No 1668 , January 2020 –  Show/Hide Abstract