Information Service

Information Service

CompNet introduces a new systematic approach to facilitate the dissemination of the CompNet dataset and the research output based on this data. This service complements the well-established trainings, as well as the numerous CompNet conferences and workshops. It works as a means of information, which can be used by most of the CompNet members in a twofold way: in particular, we provide online information material on the CompNet Competitiveness Dataset and the CompNet network, but also an on-location information service that provides a first-hand experience to give the audience an understanding of what CompNet is and what we have to offer.


The information service - What do we offer?

CompNet has created this service in order to facilitate the dissemination of information about the CompNet network, the CompNet Competitiveness Dataset and CompNet-related research output. Interested parties can either choose between using our online information material or requesting an on-location service.


1. Information material

One fast and effective way to enable the distribution of knowledge about CompNet to interested parties entails the provision of information material, such as a standard introductory presentation and other complementary documents of interest. These are provided online and will be expanded over time.

  • Introductory presentation of CompNet -link


2. On-location information service

Another option to address the identified demand for information applies to our information service on location. We are offering to send CompNet representatives to your institution, providing a first-hand insight. This ensures a professional introduction to the dataset, its indicators as well as to related research and policy work. In detail, this would contain the following items:


    • Introduction to CompNet and the Competitiveness Dataset

    This will consist of a standard session introducing the CompNet network, the latest vintage of the CompNet Competitiveness Dataset with focus on cross-country comparability as well as a presentation of selected stylized facts/recent research. This session is intended to be more general in nature and aims at providing the audience with an overview of our work.


    Depending on the preferences of the hosting institution this could be complemented by some or all of the suggestions listed below:


    • The presentation of the CompNet cross-country report

    We intend to showcase several possible applications of the CompNet data.

    • Technical introduction to the current vintage of the CompNet Competitiveness Dataset

    A micro-aggregated dataset will be introduced covering methodology, current vintage and an indicator overview.

    • A "hands-on session" using data from the CompNet Competitiveness Dataset

    The CompNet representative will highlight some of the modules of the dataset, considering the wishes of the host. Furthermore, the representative will provide some topic-related examples according to the requests of the participants and finish with a Q&A session.

    • Research presentation

    Depending on availability and fit, the respective may hold a presentation of research work based on the CompNet data.