13. CompNet Annual Conference - Central Bank of Malta - 20-21. June 2024

Join us at the 13th CompNet Annual Conference in Malta.

Exploring the theme 'Competitiveness and Firm Productivity in a Conflict Prone World'—submit your research by February 1st and be part of shaping policy decisions for an open and fair trade landscape.

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CompNet Seminar in Helsinki, Finland 29. Nov - 1 Dec 2023

Data insights with CompNet in Helsinki, featuring hands-on training, expert seminars, and valuable contributions to our datasets. 

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CompNet and Malta's NSO Collaborate on Productivity Insights

CompNet Chair, Filippo di Mauro, and Malta's NSO join forces to improve competitiveness. COVID-19 challenges Europe's productivity. Malta contributes to strengthening the European economy with granular business data initiatives.

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New CompNet Productivity Report

The new CompNet Productivity report has just been released.

Productivity Report

9th Vintage Dataset

The new CompNet 9th vintage Dataset is available! 

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Conference on Firms’ performance in challenging times

Took place on 19-20 October 2023 in Brussels

Jointly organised by CompNet, IWH and the European Commission.

Recap of the Conference

Welcome to CompNet

The Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet) provides a forum for high level research and policy analysis in the areas of competitiveness and productivity. Its main activities include the regular updating of its micro-based competitiveness dataset for European countries, unprecedented in terms of coverage and cross-country comparability.

Research Output

Users of the CompNet dataset have published more than 70 papers both in various working paper series and in a number of peer-reviewed journals.

IWH-CompNet Discussion Papers Other Output from CompNet members

Policy Output

This section collects brief notes that address urgent policy problems as well as reports on productivity by network members and European Productivity Boards.

Policy Briefs Policy Reports and Notes