Interim Report

We are pleased to announce that the first interim report for the project is now available for publication, offering stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the project's progress, achievements, and the roadmap for future milestones. Interested parties can access the report below:

Interim Report Part A

Interim Report Part B

Progress Reports

We are excited to share periodic progress reports for the 'Microdata platform for productivity' project, providing stakeholders with transparent insights into our achievements, challenges, and the continuous evolution of our initiatives.

1st Progress Report, February 15, 2023

2nd Progress Report, June 11, 2023

3rd Progress Report, October 5, 2023

TSI Steering Committee Meetings

To monitor the progress of our project, we've established a TSI Steering Committee Meeting on a quarterly basis. The committee is composed of senior representatives from the seven participating countries, providing a vital platform for discussing project updates.

  • First TSI Steering Committee Meeting (February 3, 2023):

    Presentation: Click here
  • Second TSI Steering Committee Meeting (April 21, 2023):

    Presentation: Click here
  • Third TSI Steering Committee Meeting (October 19, 2023): 

    Presentation: Click here
  • Fourth TSI Steering Committee Meeting (December, 4 2023): 

    Presentation: Click here

These quarterly meetings serve as crucial milestones for collaboration and progress assessment. Feel free to explore the presentations linked above for detailed insights into each meeting's discussions and outcomes.