ComProd Monitor

ComProd Monitor


The CompNet monitor of Competitiveness and Productivity indicators


ComProd is a comprehensive dataset of innovative and traditional indicators of competitiveness and productivity. It comprises more than 80 novel and traditional indicators based on disaggregated trade, firm-level and input-output data, which facilitates the analysis of various dimensions of competitiveness and productivity at the country level.

ComProd is divided in two sections: the “Novel Indicators” are innovative indicators calculated by the CompNet team and include variables on International Trade and Non-Price Competitiveness. The “Traditional Indicators” is a collection of indicators computed by other sources (IMF, AMECO) which aim to provide an immediate overview of the most important variables for competitiveness analysis.


An example of how ComProd can be used for competitiveness analysis can be found here.

The dataset of ComProd can be downloaded in .zip format by clicking here.