13 CompNet Annual Conference (Malta, 2024)

13th CompNet Annual Conference

The 13th Annual Conference in Valletta, hosted by the Central Bank of Malta, was a resounding success. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making this event exceptional. Below, we are pleased to share the presentations, resources, and live recordings from the conference. We hope you find these materials valuable and informative.

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Thursday, 20 June 2024 (Day 1): Live Recording

Begin of Conference, Welcome speech by Professor Edward Scicluna (Governor, Central Bank of Malta and Welcome Address by Chairman of CompNet, Filippo di Mauro

Keynote Speech by Gianmarco Ottaviano (Bocconi University and CEPR)

Session 1 - Geopolitical Risk and Fragmentation 

Chair: Lawrence Schembri (Fraser Institute and formerly Bank of Canada) 

Paper 1 – ‘Inputs in Geopolitical Distress: Risk Assessment Based on Micro Data’ by Gianmarco Cariola (Bank of Italy) 

Discussion by Tommaso Bighelli (IWH, CompNet) 

Paper 2 – ‘The transmission of trade shocks across countries: firm-level evidence from the Covid-19 crisis’ by Aurelija Proskute (Bank of Lithuania) 

Discussion by Carlo Altomonte (Bocconi University) 

Session 2 - Industry Dynamics 

Chair: Massimo Giovannini (Central Bank of Malta) 

Paper 3 – ‘Intangible Intensity and Between-Firm Wage Inequality’ by Olga Tcaci (TUD Dresden University of Technology) 

Discussion by Juan Duran Vanegas (Economic and Social Research Institute Ireland) 

Paper 4 - ‘Trade protection, industrial policy, and the shaping of local preferences’ by Eugenio Miravete (University of Texas at Austin & CEPR) 

Discussion by Massimiliano Pisani (Bank of Italy)

Policy Panel ‘Fostering the European Competitiveness’ by Filiz Unsal (OECD), Pilar Castrillo (ESM), Debora Revoltella (EIB), Reint Gropp (IWH) Chair: Filippo di Mauro (CompNet)

Friday, 21 June 2024 (Day 2): Recording Link

Session 3 - Carbon Pricing and Economic Performance 

Chair: Brandon Sacco (National Statistics Office) 

Paper 5 – ‘Economic performance and climate policy in the EU: Insights from firm-level data’ by Maria Garrone (European Commission) 

Discussion by Gianmarco Cariola (Bank of Italy) 

Special Session – ‘CompNet Micro-data Infrastructure and Application’ by Eric Bartelsman (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Elena Sponga (CompNet), Reetuparna Vishwanath (CompNet) 

Session 4 - Growth and Innovation 

Chair: Manuel Tabone (National Statistics Office) 

Paper 7 – ‘The Aggregate Effects of the Decline of Disruptive Innovation’ by Richard Bräuer (IWH)

Discussion by Olga Tcaci (TUD Dresden University of Technology) 

Paper 8 – ‘The Path to Convergence: Reallocation, Responsiveness, and Growth’ by Javier Miranda (IWH / FSU) 

Discussion by Eric Bartelsman (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) 

Session 5 - Climate change , green investment, credit constraints 

Chair: Javier Miranda (IWH/FSU) 

Paper 9 - ‘Lost in Transition’ by Maarten De Ridder(London School of Economics)

Discussion by Richard Bräuer(IWH) 

Paper 10 – ‘Making the grass greener: The role of firm’s financial and managerial capacity in paving the way for the green transition’ by Guido Franco (OECD) 

Discussion by Bas Gorrens (KU Leuven) 1

Closing remarks by Filippo di Mauro (Chairman, CompNet) 

End of Conference