1st CompNet Data User Conference

1st CompNet Data User Conference


In the following, interested parties can find the presentation slides of the various papers and discussions presented during the conference.

Welcoming Address by the Chairman of the Competitiveness Research Network
Filippo di Mauro

Presentation of the 7th Vintage CompNet Code and the Remote E-Learning Course
Marco Cristophori, Bernardo Mottironi, Paolo Mengano

Keynote Speech: Productivity and Competitiveness
Philippe Martin, Sciences Po & CEPR

Session 1: Productivity and Trade

Total factor productivity and the terms of trade
Jan Karol Teresinski, European University Institute

Discussion - Lian Allub, CAF

Revisiting the link between firm productivity and aggregate exports
Emanuele Forlani, University of Bologna

Discussion - Richard Bräuer, IWH, VU Amsterdam, & CompNet

Productivity, (mis)allocation and trade
Antoine Berthou, Banque de France

Discussion - Laszlo Tetenyi, New York University

Session 2: Labour and Productivity

Employment protection and firm-level job reallocation: Adjusting for coverage
Ladislav Wintr, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg

Discussion - Eric Bartelsman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Micro-based dataset for collective bargaining and productivity analysis
Daniele Aglio, Koç University

Discussion - Paloma López-Garcia, ECB

Globalisation, productivity and the labour share
Luke Rehill, Government of Ireland – Department of Finance

Discussion - Matthias Mertens, IWH & CompNet

Session 3: Trade and Firm-Heterogenity

Markups and Productivity under Heterogeneous Financial Frictions
Paloma Lopez-Garcia, ECB

Discussion - Helena Schweiger, EBRD

How effective are public policies in a context of rising heterogeneity?
Raphael Lee, INSEE – CREST – Polytechnique

Discussion - Peter Haug, IWH & CompNet

The effect of the single currency on exports: comparative firm-level evidence
Tibor Lalinský, NBS & CompNet

Discussion - Gianluca Santoni, CEPII

Session 4: Allocation of Capital and Financial Markets

Private debt, public debt, and capital misallocation
Behzod Alimov, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Università degli Studi di Torino

Discussion - Mathilde Viennot, France Stratégie

Financial markets and the allocation of capital: The role of productivity
Fadi Hassan, Bank of Italy

Discussion - Maurin Laurent, European Investment Bank

Financial heterogeneity and trade liberalization in europe
Laszlo Tetenyi, New York University

Discussion - Jan Karol Teresinski, European University Institute

Session 5: Labour+ Extra Session on Split Data Sets

Embarrassingly parallel GMM over split data sets
Richard Bräuer, IWH, VU Amsterdam & CompNet

Discussion - Francesco Manaresi, Paris School of Economics

What drives wages in the cee eu countries? A comparative phillips curve approach from a macro and micro perspective
Tina Zumer, ECB

Discussion - Gaetano d'Adamo, European Comission