Training for Productivity Boards and CompNet members

The IWH-CompNet offers trainings in the use of the CompNet database for productivity boards and members. The trainings include self-guided courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users to gain expertise in data analysis, and directed program for theme-specific training, and MDI infrastructure training. 

Through these trainings, users will gain expertise in the use of the CompNet database as well as the CompNet Reduced Dataset. The IWH-Compnet provides training in two modalities: self-guided, and directed.

The self-guided program is designed to allow users to take the course in their own time and at their desired pace. There are three self-guided courses: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. The course is currently available at the following links for the 8th vintage and for the 9th Vintage of the CompNet database. 

They will take the user from a basic introduction to the data, to more advanced exercises. The user will become familiar with the structure of the data, the variables, and how to combine them to create a report – including charts and regression output.

The directed program will provide theme specific training, for example, in the analysis of business dynamism, and market concentration. These courses will be developed as the need arises.

In addition, trainings in the use of the MDI infrastructure are offered in the form of documentationreports and guided learning. These will be made available as needed and as National Productivity Boards get access to the confidential microdata in collaboration with their National Statistical Offices. 

Special Training (Code Repository)

The special training provides access to a code repository on GitHub with five work directories including code for productivity, reallocation, energy, and small and medium enterprises, which can be readily applied to CompNet data and will be continuously updated and expanded.