Research Output

CompNet members as well as users of the CompNet dataset have published more than 70 papers both in various working paper series and in a number of peer-reviewed journals.

CompNet's purpose is to:

  • strengthen the analytical framework for assessing competitiveness
  • identify what drives the dynamics of competitiveness and productivity in EU countries and firms
  • relate competitiveness indicators with aggregate outcomes (e.g. exports, economic growth)


The ultimate objective of CompNet is to identify the structural factors that contribute to raising the economy’s long-term growth potential, by effectively linking instruments, mechanisms and outcomes. To do so, CompNet adopts an "holistic" approach analysing the micro, macro and cross-border dimension of the topic of competitiveness. The figure below summaries how these dimensions interact and how they affect the final economic outcome. 

Below, we organised research within CompNet in two distinct formats. The "IWH-CompNet Discussion Papers" constitute our own working paper series, which features research on CompNet related fields with and without CompNet data. Our discussion paper series provides a publication platform for researchers, who are keen to produce research based on CompNet data or show interest in related topics. In addition, the section "Other CompNet related research" covers a list of publications from members of CompNet and CompNet-data users outside of our own discussion paper series. 

IWH-CompNet Discussion Papers


Other CompNet related research