Over the years, CompNet has collected a number of indicators in two different datasets in order to provide with a robust background to enhance the analysis of competitiveness. In the following sections, you will find more information regarding the CompNet datasets, their methodological documentation as well as on instructions for accessing them.

1. The CompNet firm-level-based dataset

CompNet has created a firm-level-based dataset including a number of European countries. The dataset is unique in terms of its coverage and cross-dimensional analysis potential as it links, for example, trade or the financial status of firms with their productivity. For further information, please refer to the methodological paper and to the user guide for external researchers (see below).

What can the CompNet data do for my research?

CompNet allows to analyse virtually every aspect of European firms. We collect information from representative firm-level datasets for a number of countries. The dataset includes variables on employment, trade, productivity, mark-ups, financial constraints and more. Variable definitions and computation are harmonized across countries. Built at firm level, indicators are then aggregated to sectoral level (NACE 2-digit) in order to avoid confidentiality issues. Harmonization, scope of offered variables and precomputed productivity indicators set the dataset apart from other transnational firm datasets like AMADEUS. We would be happy to receive input about additional indicators to add or other ways in which we can assist your research.

What does the data look like?

After computing a host of indicators within each country, we gather moments of the distributions for these variables. Joint distributions are also available. This allows you to analyse, for instance, whether more productive firms grow faster or whether firms with high mark-ups are less financially constrained. These distributions are available for each country.

How else can the network aide my research?

CompNet is a network of dedicated researchers with considerable experience in firm level cross-country analysis. The Network provides a forum for discussion with its working paper series and its conferences. It offers the opportunity to get in touch with leading experts in firm-level datasets and productivity studies.

Which documentation should I refer to understand the dataset before using it?

Over the years, CompNet has produced a vast series of methodological papers explaining in detail all the features of the firm-level-based dataset:

  1. The guarantee of confidentiality in CompNet - link
  2. CompNet firm-level-based dataset: User guide for researchers - link
  3. Assessing European Competitiveness: the new CompNet micro-based dataset - ECB WP 1764
  4. Assessing the financial and financing conditions of firms in Europe: the financial module in CompNet - ECB WP 1836
  5. Assessing European firms' export and productivity distributions: the CompNet trade module - ECB WP 1788
  6. Micro-based evidence of EU competitiveness: the CompNet dataset - ECB WP 1634 [Please be aware that this report refers to the old version of the data]
  7. Firm growth in Europe: an overview based on the CompNet labour module - ECB WP 2048



2. The CompNet Diagnostic Toolkit for Competitiveness

One of the main outcomes of CompNet has been the development of innovative indicators essential in understanding short and medium-term trends in competitiveness going beyond traditional price-based measures. This has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive dataset of innovative and traditional indicators of competitiveness called the “Diagnostic Toolkit for Competitiveness”. The Toolkit comprises more than 80 novel indicators based on disaggregated trade, firm-level and input-output data, which facilitates the analysis of various dimensions of competitiveness.

An extensive description of every indicator and of the possible uses of this dataset can be found here: Compendium on the diagnostic toolkit for competitiveness.

The dataset can be downloaded in .zip format by clicking here.

Data request

All researchers can apply to have access to the firm-level-based CompNet data by submitting the data request form to the CompNet team via the IWH Research Data Centre.

CompNet members and participating institutions that would like to access the data are requested to submit a shortened project description that is available upon request.