12 CompNet Annual Conference

12th CompNet Annual Conference

The 12th CompNet Annual Conference, centered around the theme "Firm’s Performance in challenging times: Input costs, Technology, Productivity, and Market Power," was held on October 19-20, 2023, at the European Commission in Brussels. The event brought together a consortium of experts, researchers, and policymakers to delve into the pressing challenges confronting firms in today's dynamic economic landscape. In collaboration with CompNet, CEPR, the European Commission, and IWH, discussions explored topics such as input costs, technology, productivity, and market power in great detail.

All presentations and discussions from the conference are available below, providing a comprehensive recap of this insightful event. 

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Thursday, 19 October 2023 (Day 1)

Begin of Conference and official Welcome Address by Chairman of CompNet, Filippo di Mauro

Keynote: Jan De Loecker (KU Leuven, CEPR)

Session 1 – Firms Resilience to Shocks Chair: Javier Miranda

Paper 1 - Covid and Productivity in Europe: A Responsiveness Perspective by Russell Cooper, Carl-Wolfram Horn, Leonardo Indraccolo 

Discussion: Tibor Lalinsky

Paper 2 - Managing to Adapt: Structured Management Practices and Firm Resilience by Wei Li, Paul Mizen, Rebecca Riley, Jakob Schneebacher 

Discussion: Yannick Bormans (KU Leuven)

Session 2 – Market Power and Pricing Chair: Kaspar Richter

Paper 3 - Do Larger Firms Exert More Market Power? Markups and Markdowns along the Size Distribution by Matthias Mertens and Bernardo Mottironi 

Discussion: Davide Luparello (Penn State University.)

Paper 4 - Price-cost margins, fixed costs and excess profits by Filip Abraham, Yannick Bormans, Jozef Konings, and Werner Roeger

Discussion: Chiara Osbat

Policy Panel: “Multidimensions of Market Power” Isabel Vansteenkiste (ECB), Mario Nava (DG REFORM, EC), Emily Sinnott (EIB), Declan Costello (DG ECFIN) Chair: Filippo di Maur (CompNet)

20 October 2023 (Day 2)

Session 3 – Reallocation and Productivity Chair: Alessandro Turrini

Paper 5 - Declining Job Reallocation in Europe: The Role of Shocks, Market Power, and Technology by Filippo Biondi, Sergio Inferrera, Matthias Mertens, Javier Miranda 

Discussion: Anthony Savagar

Paper 6 - How Costly Are Cartels? By Flavien Moreau, Ludovic Panon

Discussion: Leonardo Indraccolo

Session 4 – Market Selection and Misallocation Chair: Román Arjona Gracia

Paper 7 - Returns to Scale and Aggregate Productivity by Joel Kariel, Anthony Savagar

Discussion: Riccardo Silvestrini 

Paper 8 - Productivity, Inputs Misallocation and the Financial Crisis by Davide Luparello

Discussion: Benedicta Marzinotto

Keynote: Jan Eeckhout (UPF Barcelona, CEPR)

Session 5 – Firms Performance, Energy and Green Transition Chair: Matthias Mertens 

Paper 9 - Rising energy prices and productivity: short-run pain, long-term gain? By Christophe André, Hélia Costa, Lilas Demmou, Guido Franco

Discussion: Wouter Simons (ECFIN B2)

Paper 10 - The impact of air pollution on labour productivity in France by Clara Kögel

Discussion: Flavien Moreau (IMF)